How Many Tables Should You Play?

There are big debates in the world of online poker on how many tables is the optimal number to play. I feel that there are no concrete answers to this problem for the simple reason being that there are so many variables connected with this subject that one could spend an entire week studying this one topic.

Much of what is correct for any poker player is down to what suits them personally not just as people but also as individuals. A players own poker history, their level of knowledge, their level of multi-tabling experience and also how they like to play poker all impact on what is the ideal number of tables for them to play.

I know players who do not like the thought of ever playing more than one table because to them, online poker is all about trying to replicate the live poker experience as much as possible. So it is not all about maximising earnings for many people and is more to do with the actual “feel” of playing poker.

But then again, many players could quite easily be maximizing their earnings by playing one table so they are literally killing two birds with one stone so to speak. Much of what we are talking about here also comes down to how you want to play poker. If you want to play heads up no-limit then you really shouldn’t be playing too many tables playing this form of poker.

It is the same with six max games although even at this form of poker, I know players who have successfully played as many as 24 tables and made money, I take my hat off to them. I don’t necessarily jump to the conclusion that just because I cannot do something personally that no one else can. If your objective is to make money by getting rakeback and playing half decent poker and exploiting novice players then playing as many full-ring games as you can could just be your optimal way to play.

Strangely enough this may suit players who are merely break even players or slight net plus players. Some people may argue that playing more tables does not allow you to watch your HUD or read your tracking data, but that’s just my point, if you are not doing this anyway simply because you cannot be bothered and you cannot be bothered to concentrate well enough to watch the other players then playing more tables will not handicap you. This is for the simple reason being that you are not taking advantage of those tells anyway and you are not making your money that way.

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