Hockey Handicapping

Hockey is one of those fringe sports that do not get a lot of attention for most sports bettors, but that goes for the books too.  With so many college basketball and NBA games going on each night, and getting more betting action, the books do not pay as close attention to theNHL.  That means if you know what you are doing, hockey handicapping can put some extra dollars in your bankroll.  Here are some of the sites that I frequent each day in order to get the inside track on betting the games on ice.

What factors should you take into consideration when going over the hockey matchups?

1.  Goaltending

How a team has been performing in net is a huge driver of whether they win or lose.  Save percentage is the stat to look at here, because if a goalie is not giving up many goals simply due to a lack of shots attempted against him, that’s not as good of a sign of quality as if he is rejecting a high percentage of shots.

2.  Shots on Goal

Offensively it is important for a team to spend time on their opponent’s side of the ice and to get quality shots off.  If a team can have a higher number of shots on goal than their opponents, they will have more of an opportunity to get one past the goaltender.

3.  Penalty Stats

How many penalties do each team tend to commit?  How good are the teams’ powerplay success and killing rates?

4.  Home/Away Splits

Some teams are above average at home but play very mediocre on the road.  I like to break games down not only based on their overall stats but also based on how the team performs in from of their home crowd and in front of opposition.

5.  Recent Play

Teams will go on streaks, so add a little bit of emphasis to a team’s recent play.  Be careful here not to weight too heavily because with the small sample set you can get some statistical variance.

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