Golden Contender

Rob Vinciletti the Golden Contender is one of the top handicappers in the business, bar none. His list of accolades goes on for almost as long as his career has, and he has left no stone unturned finding winners.

Rob uses a multi-faceted approach to his handicapping. He uses statistical analysis, situational factors, and a powerful offshore information network. He’s one of the few handicappers who not only knows what he thinks, but also where the other sharp money is going.

But nevermind philosophies and ideologies. Let’s talk about winning. Because that’s the reason to follow Rob, not his betting philosophy. Rob is just a winner, plain and simple.

This is a guy who has an exceptional 19 finishes in the top 5 since 2008, in every major sport. That’s including a couple of #1 finishes in MLB and football capping, as well as a #3 finish in all sports in 2010. Rob has 31 finishes in the top 10 of everything from preseason NFL to the WNBA. Whatever you’re betting, Rob knows how to find winners.

And don’t think for a moment that Rob is just about success in the past. Since May 2015, Rob has made his $100-a-game bettors over $12,700 in profit over all his picks. That’s not a typo. He earned $12,700 just betting $100 at a time in just over a year.

If pulling down about $1,000 a month profit sounds good to you, you might want to give Rob a shot. There is a big group of people following him that are richer for it.