Freddy Wills

Freddy Wills

Don't miss out on the 2018 College Football Season with Freddy Wills. He was #1 CFB Handicapper in 20019 and 2011, and #6 in 2013!


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Freddy Wills has established himself as one of the top minds in college football capping. That’s not just lip service, that’s backed up by fact.  He finished as the top capper in college football in 2009 and 2011, and notched another top 10 finish in 2013.

And the way he got to that point isn’t exactly the way you’d think. It’s not all safe plays and boring bets. This is the guy who picked – and won – Iowa State to beat Oklahoma State outright in 2011 as a 22-1 underdog. That game knocked OSU out of the BCS title hunt and helped Freddy into the driver’s seat as the CFB’s top capper.

Of course, it’s easy for a capper to throw out picks on extreme underdogs when it’s other people’s money. But Freddy puts his own money where his picks are, every time. He profited off that Iowa State game just like his subscribers did, and his subscribers lose, so does he.

That’s why Freddy isn’t just throwing out underdog picks at random. His picks are a result of hard work and tireless research. That’s why his current streaks are all over 60% in their win percentages. On his top picks, he is hitting at a 63% rate in college football and 67% in NFL picks.

Freddy picks a lot of different sports, and he has success across the board. But he has proven time and again he is among the best in football betting. If your sport of choice is college football, get on board with a guy with a proven history of winning in it.