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Doc’s Sports has you covered with daily selections from the NBA, CBB, & NHL. Get signed-up with a long term package of 7 or 30 days and save a bunch of money!


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With this package you will receive all of our selections for a seven day period in all of our sports that we handicap. This will include any Game of the Year, Game of the Month, or Game of the Week picks that may fall during this time.
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Doc’s Sports has been in the game, getting it done since 1971. That’s 45 years of winning and earning. That kind of longevity doesn’t happen by accident. You can’t even chalk it up to just good luck.

No, 45 years of success comes by way of hard work and smart picks, in that order. That’s what you’re getting with Doc’s Sports. The company got its start in the 70s betting college sports. That’s still a big part of what Doc’s Sports does, but they now also have full-timers in all major sports.

That is to say, Doc’s Sports has a specialist for every sport. You’re not trusting one guy to know every sport, you have one guy spending all their time perfecting one. We’re talking about baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, even horse racing.

That’s most likely why Doc’s Sports has a mile-long list of top 10 finishes. They marked in with a #2 finish in NHL capping in 2015-2016. That’s their most recent high finish, but only one of 22 top 10 finishes since 2008.

What’s especially notable about Doc’s #2 NHL finish is that they did it in less than 100 picks all season. That’s $2,283 in profit on 95 picks, to be exact. That’s indicative of their betting philosophy, as well. Conservative betting, and big profits.

So, are you interested in jumping on board Doc’s Sports’ $3,400 all sports profit streak? Why wait? They’re made that money in just five months, and you can be a part of it. Join up with Doc’s Sports and start earning with their team of experts.