Carolina Sports

Michael Blake and Carolina Sports have been in business for 22 years. He has made a name for himself selling winning picks to the public, and you can be part of that “public.”

What you’re getting from Carolina Sports is a company that takes pride in its honesty and quality. Not only do they use extensive research and discipline to provide the best picks of the week. They also go out of their way to ensure that you, the bettor, understand the rationale behind each pick. That way you can not only win, but win with confidence.

And confidence is what Carolina Sports is all about. If they aren’t completely confident about a pick, they just won’t release it. If they are completely confident about it, they’ll explain why. Either way, you’re never left in the dark, and you always know why the bets fall the way they are.

But being confident in a bet is one thing, and winning it is something different. Luckily, Carolina Sports brings both. They’re 59% on their MLB picks since September 2015, and are up over $2,100 in profit over that time frame. They’re also posting big wins in football and basketball, and have 6 top 10 football finishes.

Most recently, Carolina finished #9 in football in 2015. That’s not too far removed from 2010, when they were the college football capping champs.

For the most part, football has been Carolina Sports’ hot hand. But right now, they’re performing the strongest in baseball. Regardless of your sport, Carolina has proven they can find winners and maximize profits.