Expert Handicapper Bryan Leonard

Bryan Leonard has been running the self-titled Bryan Leonard Sports for 31 years. And businesses don’t run for 31 years without being successful.

Especially when that business deals in making its clients money. In this business, either you make profit for your clients, or you fold like a cheap cigar. Bryan is still around, and with success as his metric, it’s easy to see why.

Bryan tends to be somewhat selective and low-volume in his picks, but each day he posts a Best Bet. These are exclusive, high-percentage picks for his subscribers only. If there is any pick to trust from Bryan, it’s this one.

Though he does well betting all sports, football is quite clear as Bryan’s specialty. Not only did he notch a top 10 finish in football in 2010, his current football streaks are among his best.

In NFL betting, he has placed only 49 picks since late 2014. But he has gone 32-17 on those picks, for a winning percentage on 65%. So yeah, he doesn’t bet every game, every day. Not even close. But he respects your money by saving his picks for only those where he has an edge.

Let’s put it in basketball terms – another sport where Bryan has top 10 finishes. Bryan isn’t a volume shooter. Some guys will go out there and take 50 shots, make 22 of them, and then crow about how many points they scored.

Bryan is the type who is happier if he goes 5-for-7 and limits his mistakes. That’s the kind of guy you want on your team.