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Black Widow

The Widow is in the midst of 674-583 NFL, 252-225 NCAAF, 137-118 NCAAB, 137-120 NBA, 94-76 MLB & 12-6 NFLX Runs to really show his versatility in all sports that he handicaps! Sign up today!


Bill Young of Black Widow Sports figured out sports betting was his calling in 1997. That was the year he made over $20,000 just betting on the NFL and college football and basketball.

After a few successful seasons like that, he decided to share his betting acumen with the world. Of course, he’s a handicapper now, but he’s still a bettor at heart. So any time Black Widow posts a pick, it’s because Bill is betting that pick himself.

And we’re not talking about small sums here – Bill’s smallest bet is $5,000. If he doesn’t see a game worth putting at least $5,000 down on, he doesn’t pick it. That’s how you know Black Widow is giving you a quality pick, every time.

Now, Black Widow’s specialties are definitely football and basketball betting. They have several top 10 finishes in NFL betting, including a #1 finish in 2009.

But don’t get it in your head that football and basketball is all you’ll get from Black Widow. In 2010, they finished #3 in MLB betting, and their MLB streak today is more impressive than any other sport. They’ve hit on 147 of their last 245 MLB picks since May 2015, and have made over $3,000 on those picks in that time frame.

That’s part of an all sports streak that has earned over $4,000 just since February 2016 with a 60% win rate. Black Widow has had some hot streaks, but that’s one of the more impressive ones without question. There’s never been a better time to throw in your support behind Black Widow.