Handicapper Ben Burns

Ben Burns comes from a family of sports bettors. From his early days of fascination with his father’s ATS NFL pools, he has been betting as a way of life.

As you might expect, that fascination has grown into him being an expert in sports capping. Now he is a bonafide champion sports capper, and he loves it as much now as he ever has.

Not everybody who spends their entire life in love with sports betting is good at it, though. Having an interest isn’t even close to enough. That’s why Ben works day in and day out to find value picks to make him and his subscribers money.

One look at his results show just how successful he has been. It’s hard to spin his stats to show bad results. He’s hitting over 55% in just about every sport he bets. His top picks since January 2015 have earned over $7,000 in profit on $100 bets.

A lot of handicappers make their money by being great at a single sport, and muddling through the rest. Not Ben. He has impressive streaks of more than $3,000 profit in basketball, football and NHL.

His NHL numbers are among the most impressive. Ben has proven himself the preeminent expert in NHL capping. He notched back-to-back #1 finishes in 2012-13 and 2013-14, and had a #2 finish in 2015-16.

That’s just a few of his dozens of top 10 finishes in a variety of sports. If you’re looking to bet just about any major sport, pro or college, have a look at Ben Burns and judge him on his record.