Andre Ramirez

Some call Andre Ramirez a sports handicapper. He calls himself a sports betting stockbroker.

Why? Because he developed software to analyze bets like a stockbroker would analyze stocks. His software calculates college basketball and football totals, which are now his strongest areas. That unique edge has helped him $4,000 in profit in those sports since 2015.

Andre prides himself on both his unique modeling software, and his industry connections. One of those connections is former NBA referee Tim Donaghy. He also has had his work featured in the Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, and the LA Times.

He uses a combination of insider information, computer modeling, statistical analysis, and intangibles. And that combination has made him an especially profitable sports handicapper.

Over all sports, Andre’s top picks have gone 291-242 since November 2015. That is a streak that has made almost $3,300 over just about 8 months.

There isn’t any question that Andre’s bread-and-butter sports are football and basketball. His best streaks are in those two sports, and he has shown profit in both pro and college varieties. Andre was even the #8 handicapper for college football just last year.

He’s riding a strong wave of momentum right now, and it’s a good time to hitch your bankroll to his bets. You could do a lot worse than a guy who once cashed out $250,000 in profit in one year for himself. You may not have a tear quite like that yourself. But Andre can help you to earn consistent long-term profit and build your bankroll.