Tony Karpinski

Tony Karpinski has been handicapping for over 21 years. He takes pride in an unwavering dedication to his clients, which he backs up with pure hustle and hard work.

That work ethic comes from his days as a multi-sport collegiate athlete himself. And those days also bring him a personal understanding of what sports are like on the inside. He understands the game as an analyst and as a player, which gives him a constant edge on his competition. He even has experience as a bookmaker, so he adds line movement knowledge to his arsenal as well.

Tony considers himself a football expert first, as he has won several handicapping contests. But you’ll find there isn’t too much that trips him up. In fact, one of his highest-profile finishes on our network is a #1 finish in NHL handicapping in 2010. That was the same year he finished as the #2 handicapper in all sports, with a profit margin of $6,227.

Of course, he adds top 10 finishes in NBA and MLB capping to that resume as well. So even though the majority of his success has come in football, he can still earn you 12 months of profit.

So we’ve talked about everything other than his football prowess. But his 86-49 (64%) streak in college football should not be ignored. That streak is earning subscribers more than $3,300 since the start of the 2015 season. And there’s no reason to believe he’s going to do anything but improve upon that.