Tony George

If you’re looking through sports capping services, you’ll be able to find the one run by Tony George. He runs Tony George Sports, a firm which sets expectations high and lives up to them.

Tony himself is a sports broadcaster who has been around the sports gaming industry for over 25 years. He has built his reputation not just with great picks, but with a healthy bit of mass media exposure. He has appeared on several radio and TV shows related to sports handicapping.

He has also proven himself to be an innovator, becoming one of the first cappers to sell a play online in 1995. That’s only two years after his service opened its doors.

So Tony has the background. But does he have the results?

Since 2008, he has notched a dozen top 10 finishes, including a #2 finish in basketball for 2013-14. That year, he hit an impressive 57.1% of his picks, earning $2,321 in profit.

More recently, Tony is hitting about 56% of his picks over the past 12 months in all sports. He is up more than $3,900 in that time frame, thanks in part to big streaks in football and college basketball. His NFL streak, in particular, is hitting at a monstrous 65% clip since late September 2015.

Money management is a big factor for Tony. He believes that how much you bet is as important as what you bet. So his system is one that is built to make you money at every turn. Make smart picks and smart bets, and watch your bankroll grow. That’s what Tony George is about.