NFL Matchups

These NFL matchups are going to help you bet better this season. You always want to take a quick look at the matchups to see who is playing who, what players might be injured for either team, or what the weather might be like. Instead of going to a bunch of different sites to gather this information, we’ve gathered it for you and put it all on this page. Just click on any of this week’s matchups and you’ll get detailed information about each team including trends, history, weather, injuries, and much more. After a few weeks of studying this information, you will start to see trends emerge for this particular season, which you can use to help make your picks. Try as they might, sportsbooks can’t possibly keep up with all of the information available, so take advantage and start improving your winning percentage and your bankroll this season with this matchup information.

It’s no easy task to find the mistakes that might have been made in each week’s point spreads, but it’s not impossible. We know that not everyone has the time to dive in and spend hours reading injury reports and studying every little possible statistic that could effect the outcome of a game, and that’s why we have a crack team of handicappers at the ready every season. It is their job to analyze football statistics all day, and they’ve learned over time how what information produces winning picks and what information doesn’t.

Whether your are into casual wagering, or you are a seasoned bettor we know that this matchup information is going to help you increase your winning percentage this NFL season. If you’ve never really taking the time to handicap a football game, but are interesting in doing so, this tool gives you a great place to start. See if you can find a winning betting system by carefully studying the information we’ve collected for you.