Johnny Wynn

Johnny Wynn builds his reputation on some key words: honesty, loyalty, dedication and respect. He treats your money like his money, and makes sure you know what you’re betting and why before he tells you to bet it.

Because you’re investing a lot of money here too, and you deserve to know why the money is where it is. So Johnny is going to make sure he’s completely transparent and upfront with you on ever pick.

And aside from being honest and upfront with his picks, let’s focus on the actual important part. His picks are winners.

In particular, his MLB picks are on an incredible tear right now. His current MLB streak dates back exactly one year. And in that one year, he has hit on 57% of his picks and earned almost $5,300 in profit.

And that’s just one sport, one year, on $100-a-game bets. He also has eight finishes in the top 10 since 2012, and a two-season NBA streak at about 54%. In 2013, he hit over 61% of his college football picks and finished third in that department.

So what you should get from this is that Johnny is more than just talk, and he’s more than just integrity. He’s a good handicapper who is going to make you money and  keep you in the loop while he’s doing it.

If you’re looking for someone you can trust to bet everything from baseball to the CFL, give Johnny a chance. You and your bankroll will be happy you did.