Chase Diamond

Chase Diamond got his start in sports handicapping back in 1996, when it all ran through e-mail. Since then, he has built up a successful business and earned a solid reputation in the industry.

But nevermind reputations and history. Chase is one of the hottest cappers in the industry right now. His last three years have put him among the best handicappers in the world. Since 2013, Chase has put together one or more top 10 finishes in MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, and even WNBA betting.

That’s the kind of versatility that lets you know you can trust any pick he puts out. Regardless of what sport Chase bets, he has shown top-tier success.

His current streaks reflect that success as well. He bets at a high volume in MLB, going 447-362 since May 2015. That streak has earned a monster $4,600, and that’s just in the one sport.

In all sports, he’s 936-809, good for a 54% win rate. And in his football betting, he’s hitting an unreal 61% of his bets since November 2015.

One of the best things about Chase – aside from all the winning – is his output. Because he specializes in every sport and puts out lots of plays, you’ll never be short on action. Any day, any time of year, Chase finds winners.

And with Chase, you’ll find winners you wouldn’t elsewhere. Some of his best plays are big underdogs that the public money moves against. So if you see Chase putting a line down that looks like it goes against the grain, pay attention. You might be about to hit a big bet.