Brian Hay

Brian Hay is the CEO of Prophet Plays, a successful sports handicapping company. For years, Prophet Plays was only available to private clients. But in recent years, he has opened his plays to the masses.

Of course, opening Brian’s picks to the masses means opening his plays to tracking. And that means we have solid proof that Brian is excellent at handicapping. How good? We’re talking about five finishes in the┬átop 10 since 2014.

We’re also talking about a $5,279, 58% streak in betting basketball since December 2014. In all sports, he’s 350-293┬ásince August 2015, and has made over $3,500 in that time. Those are just two of his six active streaks that have earned four digits in profit off $100 bets.

Of course, those streaks are long-running, which is pretty indicative of Brian’s style. Brian is a disciplined handicapper who believes there are no shortcuts. Increasing your bankroll should be treated like a gradual process, not a get-rich-quick scheme.

The best sports handicappers treat sports betting like a investment, not gambling. Gamblers are the ones who end up losing their bankroll because they try to get rich on a few bets. And there are handicappers out there who will try to convince you they’ll win 80-90% of their bets. That’s nonsense, Brian knows it, and he wants you to know it too.

Brian isn’t going to promise you the world. He’s going to offer you steady, stable profits. If you’re a smart bettor, steady, stable profits is what you’re looking for.