When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, we know there are a ton of options for everyone out there.  What we’ve done is narrow down your choices to only the best of the best online sportsbooks to choose from for betting on the biggest sporting event of the year.  We know that different bettors look for different things for their wagering experience, so we’ve tried to hit the major ones for you!

For Reduced Juice: 5Dimes – Players all over the world flock to 5Dimes for one simple reason: reduced juice.  They provide discounted prices on just about every game on the board and the Super Bowl is no exception.  A small discount on your bet may not seem like that big of a deal, but for players who bet daily, or even a few times every other day, you will end up saving a ton of cash by simply getting better prices on your wagers.  Instead of betting $110 to win $100 at most books, you bet $105 to win $100 on average at 5Dimes.  Sign up for an account at 5Dimes today and find out just how much money you are missing out on by betting through a book without reduced juice.

For Bonus Hunters: BetOnline – What sets this book apart from other books you may have tried in the past is their “Lifetime Bonus Guarantee”.  Most online wagering sites will give you a little bonus for your initial deposit, but it’s pretty rare that one offers some kind of bonus on any subsequent deposits that you make.  With BetOnline you are guaranteed up to a 25% bonus on EVERY qualifying deposit you make for the lifetime of your account!

For that Extra Edge: Bookmaker – For players that know how important it is to jump on lines early, before they have a chance to move out of their favor, Bookmaker is a popular choice.  They originate the lines that many other online books base their lines off of, meaning they give you a chance to get your wagers in before players at those other sites.  Many of our handicappers hold accounts there for this exact reason.  They know that exploiting early lines is one of the best ways to sustain profit over the long term.

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