Sportsbook Reviews

You already know that Betfirms is the best site to get quality sports picks, but what good are those picks if you do not have great sportsbook to bet on sports with?  There are some sites out there that try to rank sportsbooks with some arbitrary system, as if there is a significant difference between an A- and a B+ or a 91* vs a 95* book.  That’s not to say there are not some sportsbooks out there to avoid, there are, but what we have done at BetFirms is sorted through the hundreds of online sportsbooks available on the Web, and provided you with the pros and cons for only the most respected and secure sites so you can make an informed decision without sorting through them all.

You simply can’t go wrong with any of the sportsbooks we’ve provided reviews for, but we know that different bettors look for different things from their sports betting experience.  Feel free to read through our reviews and find the sportsbook that best fits what you are looking for.  Here is a quick overview of the favorite sportsbooks we have reviewed with a link to their full review so you can find out more:

5Dimes:  In our opinion no bettor should be without a 5Dimes account.  They aren’t going to wow you with bonuses, but the money you’ll actually save by using your 5Dimes account on a regular basis will more than make up for any front-loaded bonus.  The best aspect of 5Dimes is that they offer reduced juice on most major sports.  This means that while you’ll pay -110 at almost every other book out there, you’ll get the same line at 5Dimes at reduced prices, anywhere from -102 to -108.  It doesn’t sound like much, but after a few weeks of betting you’ll already notice how much you save by playing with the 5Dimes reduced lines.  Find out more about this great book with our complete 5Dimes sportsbook review.

Bovada:  Solid bonus structure and one of the easiest books to make deposits and withdraws.  When you look at a lot of the new sportsbooks popping up around the Internet, you will see a lot of them try to copy Bovada, however, none of them can live up to quality of business that customers have come to expect from this top-notch book.  Read the full Bovada review.

Bookmaker:  Bookmaker sets the lines that almost all other respectable books use to set their lines.  This can be a very good thing for you!  If you know a team is going to get hammered and the line is going to move big in their direction you can jump on them as soon as the odds come out, before the line moves!  Read the full Bookmaker review.

GTBets:  GTBets is one of the newest online books, but we simply can’t ignore a quality book that offers a 50% deposit bonus.  This is a book that is geared toward new bettors.  If that sounds like you, we urge you to get on board with GTBets and take advantage of their 50% bonus – it won’t be around forever.  Check out our complete GTBets review to find out more.