NFL prop bets can most easily be described as wagers on very specific situations. Many sportsbooks offer proposition bets on nearly every game throughout the regular season, the playoffs, and especially on the Super Bowl. What does a prop bet look like? It can be just about anything, but here are some common examples:

  • Bengals vs. Steelers – bet on which team will score first
  • Over/Under on the number of interceptions Brett Favre will throw in his upcoming game
  • Bet on which team will have the most total yards between the Ravens and Colts in this week’s game

The list could go on and on, but you get the idea. These types of bets are becoming more and more popular as people have started to realize that they can take advantage of certain situations. That’s not to say that betting NFL props is any easier that regular wagers, but if you do see an edge there’s simply no reason to ignore it.

Props are going to vary from book to book, so it’s a good idea to check multiple sites to find out which ones are offering which props and at what odds. I’ve always recommended having more than one account for wagering on the NFL because you need to find an edge over the books any way that you can and the same goes for betting on props.

Bovada has gained a lot of attention for some of their “wacky” Super Bowl props. They offer lines on the length of the National Anthem, what song the halftime performer will play first, and even what color the Gatorade that gets dumped on the winning coach will be. Bovada also offers standard props on regular season NFL games, but they do set themselves apart with their interesting Super Bowl Props.

Another popular place to get your NFL prop betting fix is 5Dimes. This book gives out a vast array of props, plus we simply can’t ignore their reduced juice options on traditional bets. With 5Dimes you are going to end up saving a lot of money over the course of a season with their cheap lines on just about every game on the board each day!