I frequently get asked questions on how I handicap certain sports, so I thought I would give visitors a list of resources that I try to cover on a daily basis before making my decisions on NBA games. Of course, once you start getting a feel for each team the time you spend on each site is drastically reduced, and some days I’ll skip over sites if I know what they are going to have to say.

We’ll start with some great resources and articles available on this site and also feature a few other sites we think can help you win more NBA games this season.

Tips for Beginners

  • Odds Explained – A great place to start if you are looking to learn about the typical types of bets people can place on NBA games.
  • How to Bet – How to get started betting on the NBA.
  • Betting Resources – Some additional resources for betting pro basketball.

General Handicapping Articles

Advanced Handicapping Articles

Find the Best Handicappers

  • Top Handicappers – These are the handicappers who have consistently made their clients profit season after season in the NBA.
  • Betting Experts – More recommended NBA handicappers who have also accumulated some impressive numbers each and every NBA season.

Click on the link to go to the site and read the description for a short notice on how I think the site is best used:

  • 82 Games – Detailed statistical coverage and analysis of the NBA. This site covers both teams and individual players in depth and is a must for a serious handicapper.
  • Basketball Prospectus – Intelligent articles and commentary on both the NBA and college basketball. Not something you have to read every day, but will help you develop knowledge of what is happening in professional basketball.
  • Covers NBA matchups – Can point you in the direction of some solid trends, or if you want to get a simple feel for how the teams stack up to each other. One of the highly recommended daily rituals.
  • Don Best Injury Updates – A nice list of who is hurting on each team. If you have any doubts as to a player’s health, check here.
  • Gold Sheet’s Historic NBA Records – See the final scores and point spread results going back several years. This isn’t something you look at every day, but if you want to go back and see how teams have done in the past this is your source.
  • Logical Approach Daily NBA Matchups – A kind of rough look at the teams playing each night with computer projections. I strongly recommend giving this a quick glance.
  • PopCorn Machine – Shows game flows with plus/minus information for lineups. Good tool for a post-game recap rather than using for previewing.
  • RotoWire NBA Player News – I use RotoWire for individual player news on teams I’m handicapping.
  • Sports Database – Large database of sports related information that you can query.
  • Team Rankings (Game Zone) – You can use their predictive system and adjust the factors you think are important. Something that you should play with in order to get a feel for the factors that you think determine a win.
  • NBA Handicapping System – Use our database to query for different trends.

So there are some resources that I use for NBA handicapping. If you don’t have time to make your own picks, then maybe you should sign up for a package from one of our handicappers. They study the odds each night and will help you win money with your NBA betting without you having to put all the time and work in.

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