Everyone will be making their 2015 Final Four predictions over the next several days. I have already filled out my bracket and narrowed down the four teams who I believe will be cutting down the nets and earning a trip to Indianapolis on April 4th.

Be sure to check out my bracket to find all of my picks for every game, but here is a look at the four teams I have coming out of each region.

Midwest: No. 1 Kentucky

The Wildcats are trying to become the first team since Indiana in 1976 to go unbeaten for an entire season. They enter the NCAA Tournament at 34-0. They have what I believe to be the second-weakest bracket in the Midwest. If Kentucky weren’t in the bracket, it would be the weakest. So, I believe they have a very easy path to the Final Four. I have them beating the Manhattan/Hampton winner, then Cincinnati, Maryland and Notre Dame to reach Indianapolis.

East: No. 1 Villanova

The East Region is the second-toughest as I see it. The reason being that both No. 1 Villanova and No. 2 Virginia could be No. 1 seeds. But I believe the bottom half of this bracket is way tougher than the top half. The Wildcats have a very easy path to the Elite 8. I have them beating Lafayette, LSU and UNI to reach the Elite 8. There, I have them knocking off No. 2 Virginia. The easy path has me feeling pretty good about the Wildcats’ chances of getting to Indianapolis.

West: No. 5 Arkansas

The West Region is the toughest as I see it. I could see any of the top five seeds in Wisconsin, Arizona, Baylor, UNC and Arkansas, respectively, winning it. This is the region where I have picked the biggest surprise to make the Final Four. I’m taking Arkansas, which reminds me a lot of the team that won the title back in 1994 under Nolan Richardson. Mike Anderson is a Richardson disciple, and he finally has the players at Arkansas to run his system. The Razorbacks play an attacking style that is tough to prepare for. I have them upsetting No. 1 Wisconsin in the Sweet 16, and then No. 3 Baylor in the Elite 8 to reach the Final Four.

South: No. 3 Iowa State

Iowa State is the scariest team in the tournament. They have been down by a combined 75 points over they’re last five games, and yet they are 5-0 in those contests. They also play an attacking style that is tough to prepare for like Arkansas. I believe the South is the weakest region because No. 1 Duke and No. 2 Gonzaga are both overrated. I have Iowa State beating Gonzaga in the Sweet 16 and then taking down No. 4 Georgetown in the Elite 8.

Championship Game Prediction: Kentucky Defeats Iowa State