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Las Vegas Favorites & Each Teams Odds to Win Super Bowl 52 in 2018

The New England Patriots just completed the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. Down 28-3, the Patriots rallied to force the first overtime ever in the big game, and they promptly capitalized on the momentum with a touchdown on their first drive of the extra session to beat the Atlanta Falcons, 34-28. While bettors who… Read More »

Super Bowl Commercial Costs

There’s no question that most of the people in the world who are watching the Super Bowl have a rooting interest in the game itself. However, there are many people out there who only watch the Super Bowl because they want to see the commercials. This is one of the few broadcasts that people would… Read More »

Amount Bet on the Super Bowl

The most popular sport to bet on is the NFL. It is also the fastest-growing sport to bet in Las Vegas, which just says something about how popular the NFL really is. That was evidenced again this past year as the $132.5 million wagered on Super Bowl 50 at Vegas Sportsbooks was a new record,… Read More »

Cost of Super Bowl Rings

The Super Bowl ring is awarded in the National Football league to each player on the winning team of that year’s championship game. While the Vince Lombardi Trophy only goes to the ownership, the Super Bowl ring is a way of honoring the actual players and team members. It is a momento that proves an… Read More »

Worst Chokes in Super Bowl History

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in professional sports. It’s easilty the biggest stage in the NFL as 100-plus million viewers tune in each year. That puts added pressure on players to perform, and the fact of the matter is that some just can’t handle it. That is going to be the… Read More »

Best Moments in the Super Bowl

The weeks leading up to the Super Bowl are full of amazing stories that catch the attention of almost every sports fan. Whether it be an injured player coming back to play when no one expects him to, or a teams’ improbable run to the final game, these stories are followed closely. Many times, they… Read More »

Super Bowl Props

The Super Bowl is exciting to watch for numerous reasons. One of the biggest is prop betting. There are hundreds of prop bets that can be placed on the Super Bowl year in and year out. That’s a big reason why this is the most wagered-on event in the world. I’m going to give you… Read More »

Most Super Bowl Appearances

Every NFL team has one common goal each year. That goal is to reach the Super Bowl, which is a very tough task. With 16 teams in each conference, only one can make it. I’m going to go over which teams have made the most Super Bowl appearances with this article. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas… Read More »

Biggest Super Bowl Upsets

Everybody loves a good underdog story.  When it comes to the Super Bowl, you’ll find that the average fan will be pulling for the underdog almost every time unless they are actually a fan of the team playing in the game.  I know I personally feel the same way about games when I don’t care… Read More »

Super Bowl Winners & Losers

Each year, fans gather together to watch the best from the NFC battle the best from the AFC. The NFL playoffs draw some of the biggest fan bases and TV audiences of today. While each playoff game is exciting and fun for almost every fan of the game, the Super Bowl is the best of… Read More »

Super Bowl Party Games

The Super Bowl is not only one of the most watched games by fans across the world, it is also a chance for you to get with all your friends and family to celebrate the big game. There are many different reasons for fans to get together for the game. Whether it’s the food, commercials,… Read More »

Super Bowl Records

Records are meant to be broken. However, most of the Super Bowl records have withstood the test of time. A lot of that is due to the fact that nearly half the records are partial to how many Super Bowls a player has participated in. I have listed all of the Super Bowl records at… Read More »

Super Bowl Officials

There are many factors that can determine the outcome of the Super Bowl. One of the biggest that gets overlooked is the job that the officials do with making the right calls. Sure, the use of instant replay has eliminated a lot of human error, but there are still calls like pass interference and holding… Read More »

Super Bowl Broadcasters

The list of television broadcasters for the Super Bowl has really changed throughout the years. A big reason for that is the fact that the National Football League rotates the rights to televise the Super Bowl on an annual basis to CBS, FOX and NBC. The network that televises the Super Bowl is determined by… Read More »

Super Bowl National Anthem Performers

It is an honor to sing The Star-Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl each year. More viewers will be tuned in to watch the national anthem for the Super Bowl than any other event in the United States. That’s why it is very important for the singer to put on a solid performance and to… Read More »

Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Most viewers tune in to the Super Bowl to watch the actual game. Some are just interested in the commercials, while others are just watching because that’s what everyone does. However, there are also people who only tune in to the Super Bowl during halftime. That is because they are interested in the halftime show,… Read More »

Super Bowl Host Cities and Stadiums

Super Bowl XLVIX will be played at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.  When you look at the list of Super Bowl host cities, you can see a very common theme.  Most of these cities are in warm climate areas.  Those that are not in the south have been played indoors. For the first… Read More »

List of Quarterbacks With Multiple Super Bowl Starts

There are now a total of 20 quarterbacks that have started in the Super Bowl at least two times.  Tom Brady has the most starts with six, while John Elway is a close second with five.  Brady has a 3-2 record in his first games prior to this year’s Super Bowl against the Seahawks, while… Read More »

Active Head Coaches Career Super Bowl History

One of the most undervalued positions on an NFL team is the head coach.  When teams fail to make the playoffs or the Super Bowl it is rarely a player that gets blamed, but rather the coaches who are taking the heat.  It is a certainty that there will be several teams starting the search… Read More »

Super Bowl Injury Report

It is very important to go over the injury report before making your wagers in any NFL game. That is certainly the case heading into the Super Bowl as well. The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots both come into Super Bowl XLIX relatively healthy. Their health is a big reason why both teams were… Read More »

Super Bowl MVP Winners

The Super Bowl is the single most bet-on event in the United States. There are so many different wagers that can be placed on the Super Bowl aside from the usual NFL games week in and week out. These bets are called propositions, which can stem from anything like how long it will take to… Read More »

Cost of Super Bowl Commercials by Year

The Super Bowl has become one of the biggest events in the world. While I am mostly interested in the outcome of the game, there are millions of other fans out there that will be watching just for the halftime shows and the hilarious commercials. I’m going to be focusing on the commercial aspect of… Read More »

Where to Bet the Super Bowl in Las Vegas

Nevada is the only state that allows legal betting on all major individual sporting events. There is no bigger event than the Super Bowl, which draws thousands of avid sports bettors to Las Vegas every year. Are you one of these people planning a trip to Vegas for the Super Bowl? I’m here to help… Read More »

Super Bowl Betting Pools

It’s no secret that many of us are going to wager on the 2015 Super Bowl. While doing this makes the game fun for you to watch, it really doesn’t do much for those who don’t have money on the game. I am sure many of you have heard of a betting pool, but just… Read More »

Point Spreads For Every Super Bowl

For this year’s Super Bowl, the New England Patriots are 1.5-point favorites over the Seattle Seahawks. The odds on the Super Bowl have been known to change, and there’s still nearly two weeks until the game.  With that being said, unless there is a major injury or major action on one side of the game,… Read More »

Super Bowl Predictions

The New England Patriots are set to do battle with the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. The 2015 edition will be played at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. These have been the two best teams in the league all season with both earning No. 1 seeds in their respective conferences. It is… Read More »

Super Bowl Ring

As an NFL player or coach, your whole season is based on whether or not your team goes to the Super Bowl. The two teams that are able to withstand the grueling season and playoffs are rewarded with a chance to go down in immortality. The winners are not only able to call themselves World… Read More »

Most Super Bowl Wins

An NFL team is judged by whether or not it wins the Super Bowl. Sure, there are some exceptions considering some teams are terrible year after year and have little expectations. But for the majority of NFL teams, if they don’t win the Super Bowl, it’s considered a big disappointment. There is no greater accomplishment… Read More »

NFL Teams Before & After Playing Last Year’s Super Bowl Winner

I am a big believer in motivational factors when trying to predict the outcome of a game. That’s why I set out to see how teams have fared when they play the defending Super Bowl champion in the NFL. There’s no question that teams get up for certain teams and don’t get up for others.… Read More »